Welcome to the premier Nashville shooting range, where we revolutionize the shooting experience. We provide a dynamic environment that enables individuals to engage with their targets while on the move, unlike any other facility in the Nashville area. Our Nashville shooting range stands out as the top location for both experienced and novice shooters since it enables people to perfect their abilities by shooting multiple targets in multiple directions. Our cutting-edge selection of gun ranges has something for everyone, whether you want to improve your aim, learn self-defense, or just go on an adrenaline-pumping adventure. We elevate the conventional idea of shooting ranges by offering a secure, stimulating environment that ensures a productive and fun time. Come join us at Shoot270, a brand-new shooting range Nashville experience.

For years people have shot at indoor lane ranges. You shoot in one direction at one target putting holes in a piece of paper as you stand next to people that you have never met before. Sometimes the guy next to you has a very loud hand cannon or rifle and/or poor gun handling skills which makes me somewhat nervous. Seriously, I have no idea of who that person is, what type of mood they are in, what that have been drinking or smoking! If you shoot multiple shots "too fast" the Range Officer yells at you to slow down. For me, it's not a good scene.

     Here's what I have discovered: shooting at lane ranges is not only boring but terrible practice that leads to bad habits for self-defense and home defense shooting.

     That's why I developed this revolutionary SHOOT270 concept, as a part of the GlockStore Retail experience. We don't shoot down lanes - we offer private shoot rooms where you can shoot in multiple directions at multiple targets. We encourage you to shoot fast and accurately; draw from holsters; use lasers and lights in no-light or low-light rooms; shoot around corners; take cover; move and shoot... just about everything you would need to do in a home-defense or self-defense situation. Every time you shoot with us, we provide a certified firearms instructor who will coach you as much as you need to improve your shooting and gun handling skills. Our coaches are here to assist you in every way: set up targets and drills, keep the range safe for you and your guests, help you understand your firearms, introduce you to new products and ideas, and even load your magazines.

     As you would expect, the SHOOT270 concept is taking off... rapidly! We encourage you to schedule a time in advance and Reserve a Session with one of our world class trainers. We cater to all levels of shooting experience from people that have literally never held a gun before all the way up to master class competition shooters. Regardless of skill level or experience with firearms, we will be able to deliver a shooting experience to help you become a safer, more confident, and responsible gun owner. If you have any questions and/or want to visit our facility, we invite you to call us at (615) 682-6565 or send us an email at RangeTimeNash@GlockStore.com.

     Learn the “real” way to shoot at SHOOT270 inside GlockStore Nashville

- Lenny Magill
Founder and CEO