How To Book A Training Session

Nashville's #1 Shooting Range

SHOOT270 glockStore nashville

SHOOT270 is a premier indoor shooting range located inside GlockStore Nashville.

We offer private shooting rooms, 1-on-1 instruction, group classes, training events, and competitions.

270° Indoor ranges

No Lanes - Each range is a private room that allows you to shoot 270 - degrees at multiple targets in multiple directions. We use moveable walls, household furniture and different lighting to mimic real world scenarios.

25+Rental guns

Bring your own firearms or shoot one of ours. With over 25 options, there are several models of handguns, rifles and even full-auto machine guns to pick from!


Are you ready?

Years ago, Lenny Magill got tired of shooting down a traditional shooting range lane. He created the private shoot room concept that allowed him to train in a dynamic space, shoot at multiple targets in multiple directions, use lasers and weapon lights, even draw from concealment... just like real life. His concept is catching on and growing, and you can be part of it. Today, we call it SHOOT270 - come see why it is safer, more enjoyable, and just better for learning how to shoot and maintain self-defense and competition shooting skills.