Kyle, Winner of Shoot270 Open House shooting competition, holding a custom Glock 26 and Nightstick Weapon Light. Best shooting range Nashville

"Best Shooting Range Nashville" - Shoot270 Competition Winner

Meet the winner of our Shoot270 Competition at our annual Open House.

Kyle is 22 years old and didn’t do much shooting before coming to Shoot270 in Nashville. He was driving, saw one of our billboards, did some research, and decided to come check us out. He said “I was searching for a gun range near me and GlockStore came up. One of the things I saw, that I liked, was that they had rooms instead of lanes. After my first shooting session, I can honestly say that Shoot270 is the best indoor range in Nashville.” Now a member, he tries to shoot every weekend when possible. He says his instructor, Mitch, worked on everything with him starting from fundamentals to trigger pulls. One of his favorite things that Mitch does is record him during some of their sessions which allows him to go back and rewatch his performance to discuss things he could improve on. Kyle said it really helped him because he could continuously go back and watch it. Leading up to the competition, Kyle didn’t do much to prepare except visualize what he had to do and remember things Mitch had taught him. He says he was just going to have fun and never expected to win. When we called his name as the winner he was shocked because he didn’t expect to win at all but was so excited. Kyle shoots mainly with a Glock 19 with a GS flat-face trigger and a Holosun attachment. At the competition, he won a Glock 26 along with a Nightstick and he says he can’t wait to shoot it and start practicing with it.

Congratulations Kyle!

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