Shooting down lanes is not only boring... it's tactically unsound. We don't shoot down lanes - we offer private shoot rooms where you can shoot in multiple directions at multiple targets. We encourage you to shoot fast and accurately; draw from holsters; use lasers and lights in no-light or low-light; shoot around corners; take cover; move and shoot... just about everything you would need to do in a real life situation. Learn to shoot the “real” way at SHOOT270 Nashville.

A unique indoor shooting experience that doesn't take place in lanes, but rooms.

Personal Firearms Training

Our private shoot rooms are expressly designed for personalized instruction. You and your party are alone in the room with your instructor. There are no distractions or loud noises from other shooters in the lane next door because... again... we don't shoot in lanes! We know you value your time and safety, and we honor that with our personalized, private training sessions. We feel our system is safer and overall better for anyone looking to improve their shooting and firearms handling skills. We guarantee your skill sets will be improved in the shortest amount of time as you get the most out of one-on-one instruction with our experienced trainers