Tactical Teacher Training

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Our Tactical Teacher Training course is made up of 4 classes. Each class must be taken in order, and successfully completed, to advance to the next.

*Reservations and ID are required. Class limited to 5 participants.*

CC 101:
This is an introduction to commonly concealed handguns. In this class, you’ll learn the basic functions of a concealed carry handgun.

CC 201:
This class introduces acquiring and engaging multiple targets. You’ll engage 5 targets in a 180° arc as efficiently as possible. *50 Round of AMMO

CC 301:
This is an introduction to Concealed Carry techniques. This is in our classroom and explains the concepts of Concealed Carry. The students will learn the various options in how to effectively carry their weapon, taking into account their body type and normal clothing. The student will also learn the concepts of concealed carry, situations to be aware of, and the basic laws concerning using firearms as self-defense.

CC 401:

This graduate level class will allow the students to use everything they have learned in a “shoot room” scenario. The student will start off in a sitting position, behind a desk. They will stand up, draw their weapon and “clear” three successive rooms of “threats.” Each room will have “shoot” and “no shoot” targets to simulate real life scenarios.

Students will be graded on their performance and award either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze certificate based on their performance during this “graduation" exercise.