If you have ever wanted to learn how to safely and properly shoot a Handgun then Shoot270s “Intro to Pistol” course is for you!

Specifically designed for anyone of age who is interested in learning the basics of Pistol Marksmanship as well as the safe handling and employment of a handgun.

This introductory course will equip you with the requisite knowledge and skill necessary to safely utilize your handgun. 

Dan retired from the US Army where he spent 19 of his 22 years working in Special Operations.

Course overview

This 2-hr. course will focus on developing a solid base of knowledge for safe, ethical responsible shooters. We will cover:
  • - Rules for safe gun handling
  • - Pistol nomenclature
  • - How pistols work
  • - Load / reload / unload & clear
  • - Fundamentals of marksmanship


Instructors will utilize a stair step methodology to safely and gradually progress students as they demonstrate the necessary level of competence for a particular drill. 

    - Load & make ready
  • - Slow aimed fire
  • - Controlled pairs
  • - Engage Multiple Targets


  • - Firearm (Handgun) .22 caliber or larger / NO REVOLVERS ALLOWED
  • - Ammunition (50 rounds)
  • - Magazines (2) 
  • - Appropriate Range Attire


  • - Eye & Ear protection
  • - Targets Rental Handguns are available
  • - Ammunition is for sale in our retail store