Concealed Carry Class



CARRY PERMIT Safety Class.

(Permit-less carry are welcome and encouraged to participate in the class)

Next Class:
Saturday, March 18th
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM CST
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The Tennessee ENHANCED handgun carry permit is the premium option for any Tennessee resident who wants to protect their family. The enhanced handgun carry permit has reciprocity with 37 states. The enhanced permit allows you to legally carry in places that are prohibited to the new permitless carry like parks and greenways. In this class we will; Discuss the legal liabilities of carrying, possessing, and using a handgun. Examine the requirements for self defense and the use of deadly force in Tennessee. Review handgun safety fundamentals and wrap up with basic knowledge and shooting skills qualification.


We want you to be successful and our goal is to help you navigate the process to receive your ENHANCED handgun carry permit. The GlockStore has a fantastic indoor shooting facility that is great for new and seasoned gun owners alike.


Permit-less carry participants are welcome to take the class. We encourage you and the state expects you to know the legal liabilities of carrying, possessing, and using a handgun. Permit-less carry participants will not get a certificate. We recommend completing the entire class and earning your certificate which will be valid for 12 months should you decide to take advantage of the enhanced carry benefits.

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What do you need to bring with you?

#1 - You will need to bring your TN State Enhanced Carry Confirmation Number and drivers license before you come to class. Simply copy and paste the TN State E-services link into your browser and CLICK ON THE HANDGUN PERMITS TAB

#2 - Your Safe Reliable Handgun and extra magazines if you have them.

#3 - Fifty (50) rounds of manufactured ammunition , no reloads.

#4 - Your personal eye and ear protection. (we have loaners if needed)

#5 - An Open Mind and Great Attitude!


RENTALS - We have a limited supply of "first come first serve" rental guns. You must let us know at least three days before the class if you need a rental.

REFUNDS - Please understand when you commit to this handgun training class there are no refunds. When a student commits to a class there may be registration fees, range fees, venue fees, cost for instructors, guest, or special speakers. We are committing to the safety of you and your family, please make sure you are committed to the event before you sign up. ​

CANCELLATIONS - In the event Family First Personal Protection, LLC., has to cancel any class there will be two options for the students; Option one (1) is a full refund by check mailed to your address on the registration within ten (10) days. Option two (2) is the opportunity to reschedule to another date/time or class.

CLASSROOM CREED - We teach many people that have never been through a first aid or gun training course before. Therefore, we emphasize respect and understanding from all students to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning environment for everyone. However, GROSS SAFETY VIOLATIONS, NEGLIGENCE, MISCONDUCT, and any other acts or behavior deemed inappropriate by an Instructor, Range Safety Officer, or staff will result in an immediate dismissal.

REGISTRATION & WAIVERS - Each and every student will be required to complete a registration and waiver form for every class you attend. Understanding the courses we teach come with risk and you need to be of sound mind and body to take any course that we offer. If by law, you are prohibited from purchasing, possessing, or handling a firearm you cannot attend a firearms course with Family First Personal Protection, LLC. click the button below to fill out the Range Waiver. If you have any questions, please consult a Staff Member. If you are not in the store when filling out the waiver, please feel free to give us a call at (615) 682-6565 with any questions and concerns. This waiver is only valid for the Nashville location. When filling out the Online Waiver, you will be given the option to have a copy of the completed waiver emailed to you.


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