Scared of the Dark? Shoot With your Weapons Lights at GlockStore Nashville!

So you purchased the latest and greatest light or laser for your weapon, now what? It's not secret that weapon lights are taking off... and for good reason! If you do ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation that you have to use your weapon for self-defense in your house, one of the questions you are going to inevitably be asked is, how could you be sure what you were aiming at? Where you able to properly identify your target?

Everybody will agree that practicing is a vital piece of shooting fast accurately. And without a doubt, the GlockStore is the best shooting range in Nashville, thanks to its wide open rooms and personalized training, SHOOT270 has quickly become Nashville's premiere gun range. Our SHOOT270 Ranges held exclusively at the GlockStore, is also the best gun range to practice with your weapon lights and lasers! 

Since the training you receive is personalized to your goals, we can even turn the lights down so you can effectively and safely train with your weapon light. You can identify targets, and engage them with your light so you can really practice this self-defense scenario. This is truly something that you can't do in any typical shooting range, but you can do it at the SHOOT270 Ranges exclusively in Nashville!

Our facility is so uniquely qualified to handle this type of training, that we even host monthly Low Light Events at the GlockStore Nashville location! At these events people from all over middle Tennessee come to compete a series of Low Light Stages. This is a practical shooting competition based on time and accuracy. The scoring is time plus with additional penalties for no shoots, and misses. This is truly self-defense practice that is designed to test efficiency and competency. These competitions are open to anybody, and interested participants can sign up through our Practiscore page. 

If you are looking to become more proficient with your weapon lights and lasers, there is no better place to practice these self-defense scenarios than our SHOOT270 Ranges. Book a training session today, and find out why for yourself! 

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