Our First Ladies Night

A report containing preliminary results from the 2021 National Firearms Survey indicates for the first time ever, women are purchasing guns at the same rate as men. At GlockStore we recognize the importance of all responsible Americans being able to protect themselves. In fact, we encourage it. We live it and breathe it everyday. Some may call it our passion, but to the employees at GlockStore, it’s a way of life.

Unfortunately, the gun industry can be admittedly flawed with the way we treat women learning to use a firearm. At your normal range, all too many women have had an unpleasant experience with a completely unqualified male trying to “teach you” something. At the SHOOT270 Ranges and at GlockStore, we have no biases based on your gender and your skill level. Because of that, we have been able to provide an effective environment for women to learn and improve their self-defense shooting.

That is exactly why at our new SHOOT270 indoor shooting ranges in Nashville, TN, we wanted to create a night just for the ladies. SHOOT270 is not your average shooting range. We offer private and safe, indoor and climate controlled shoot rooms that will always have a personal firearms instructor with you. This concept is exactly why the SHOOT270 Ranges, exclusively at GlockStore, has quickly become the best range for women to learn to shoot.

Our first ladies night was on Tuesday, October 12th and it was exactly what we had hoped for. Twenty two female shooters of all skill sets attended the initial Ladies Night, and the feedback was great!

We started the night with 30 minutes of classroom instruction and then hit the ranges for 90 minutes. We provide eye protection, ear protection, targets, as well as firearm rentals if needed. We hope to continue to build a community that empowers female gun owners and trains them for real life situations. Each shooter receives individual instruction, even though it is a group class, which is exactly why this is a great place for women to learn to shoot. Whether you are a seasoned gun owner, just getting into learning self defense, or have never shot a gun before, we hope we can see you at our next Ladies Night.

GlockStore’s Ladies Night will be every second Tuesday of the month from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. The last Ladies Night filled up quickly, about a week before the date of the class, so make sure to reserve your spot for the next one today! Interested in more one-on-one training? Book a session with our talented Instructors today!

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